April 29, 2019

Young or wise, tall or small, fast or nature appreciator (never slow!), women or men – running is for all! You prove this by you coming out to enjoy the trails with us in growing numbers with every race.

And that’s how it should be, to join the running community and feel safe doing so. Unfortunately, we heard that this has not been the case for all of you. No one should feel uncomfortable or even unsafe, especially girls and women joining us as the series is to provide a safe space for them, to look and run the way they want. In fact, we are proud to say that in each race, we sponsor more than 80 young kids, half of them girls, to enjoy the races and discover their strength and confidence. This number is increasing every month, and we appreciate everybody’s support in making this happen.

For this reason, we are have put policy and procedures in place to make sure the Series remains an amazing and safe event for all of you. We are always grateful for your thoughts and suggestions.